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First (1st) Day, Friday, & Opening Day Box Office Collection Of 'Phantom' :- 'Phantom' film released today in all theater's of India as well as in abroad country like Australia, USA & Gulf Countries too (not released in Pakistan due to Hafiz Saeed), and all admirer is so curious to know 'Phantom' First Friday Box Office Collection Prediction. The occupancy of audience in theater's is 40-50% in morning show, the night show is pre-booked so occupancy will increased. Movie is released on 3556+ screen's. 'Phantom' is made by the fantastic and most talented person Kabir Khan, who recently give's the Blockbusters film of the year Bajrangi-Bhaijaan. Kabir Khan is well-known for the make picture on different subject like documentary, humanity, & country love. Recently in last movie we all look the humanity of Salman Khan, who going Pakistan to drop little child, this was the fabulous subject of Kabir Khan.
Today 'Phantom' film is released, which is made on the (painfully) the true story of Mumbai terrorism attack. This attack is so famous as sort name 26/11. So here we talk about the Bo Collection of 'Phantom'.


'Phantom' is action and thriller movie enacting with Saif Ali Khan & Katrina Kaif In lead role. The 'Phantom' film Budget is 60-65cr* including with all promotion expanses. First day ticket's of 'Phantom' film is slowly sold, but second day (Saturday) is holiday due to Raksha Bandhan. So it will be helpful for 'Phantom' & 3rd Day which is Sunday a big earn day for any film as Box Office Collection. 'Phantom' film may be across the 40cr on this weekend.

According to our news source 'Phantom' Box Office Collection report, 'Phantom' opening day Collection or 'Phantom' first day Bo. Collection is 14.5cr* approx. On his First Friday.


'Phantom' is produced by the Sajid Nadiadwala & Sidharth Roy Kapoor, and dialogue's are written by the Kabir Khan & Kausar Munir. The 'Phantom' is made by the Rs 55cr*.

'Phantom' is most favorite subject of Kabir Khan, we can say that it's the dream project of him. That's why the take so long time to make this picture, and overall good review from all the critic, social sites & News reporter's.

We can easily say movie earn big amount on the box office collection, and break all the record come in his path. 'Phantom' is made basically Hussein Zaldi's Book Mumbai Avenger's, its mixing of true and Fiction.
Phantom First Day Box Office Collection in Oversees is 5-6cr*.

Some people search on the net 'Phantom' is Hit or Flop.? So the answer is simple it's so amazing film contain with good story, fantastic action, great music & marvelous acting by Katrina. You all definitely come out from theater's with smile & some emotional attachment's contain in heart. Due to the Patel religion movement (campaign) in Gujarat, may be Phantom film get low start in Bo. collection on his first day.

The exact earning report is come out tomorrow in afternoon, you can also visit or the second day box office collection of 'Phantom'. stay in touch for more news.

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Phantom Ticket (advance) Pre-Booking, Online Ticket's Price, Shows

Phantom Ticket (advance) Pre-Booking, Online Ticket's Price, Shows
Phantom Picture Advance Ticket Booking, Online Ticket's, Prices, Shows 
The Trailer of the Film 'Phantom' had released and after the starting of the trailer of the movie, it should be told that the good picture is one of the considerable marvelous movie of  Saif Ali Khan. In current-time the movie Trailer is popular among younger once's and also in the adult separately . 

Everybody is waiting vigorously for the releasing date  of the Nadiaswala picture Phantom. The date of discharging for 'Phantom' film is 28th August. So it is clear that there will be an great rush on the movies or on ticket house.

Saif Ali khan is very popular actor in Bollywood, but he face the problems due to recently movies which are flop on Box Office. But these pictures is so amazing because Katrina is lucky for him last time they both give hit movie Race 2.

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There are three types for tickets, silver, gold and platinum. Silver is low spending money plan from 120-150, Gold from 200-250 and the platinum is from 280-320. We trust that you will enjoy the movie and take this personnel of online booking. 

As you know that nobody go for watching movie in morning time, so the expense of morning time tickets is low. 

At the time of discharging the Phantom picture, there will be various timing of shows and you can without much of a stress see it on yours laptop, computer, & Mobile. We could easily say that your work is simple with the online tickets booking.
Also Visit For Phantom First (1st) {Friday} Day Box Office Collection Prediction.

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Phantom Movie Fans | Crowd At Making Of Phantom Film | Phantom 1st,2nd,3rd Day Box Office Collection Prediction

Phantom Movie Fans | Crowd At Making Of Phantom Film | Phantom 1st,2nd,3rd Day Box Office Collection Prediction

Mostly all actor's like when they shoot on film and his fan's are present there & cheer-up for him, in 'Phantom' picture making also these type of scene are create. So much admirer are present on the location in India as well as in abroad country too. Some time Kabir Khan so angry due to these because obviate shoot & un-perfect shot.
But Saif & Katrina enjoy the audience love, give autograph & also shack hand with them. After the releasing of trailer so many people hardly waited for the movie, and because of such grate subject & story line 'Phantom' film take place in audience heart. This will help 'Phantom' movie on the First (opening), & weekend [Saturday] Day Box Office Collection Prediction.

Phantom Movie Fans | Crowd At Making Of Phantom Film
 Here we talking about the large number of fan's take part in 'Phantom' making, and we also show you official video of the shooting time.
'Phantom' movie is directed by best Bollywood director Kabir Khan, and this movie starring with Saif Ali Khan & Katrina Kaif in lead role. 'Phantom' picture is made as reality & fiction mixing. The purpose of film is to give good knowledge of the world, to fight against terrorism attack.
Here is the Video of making Phantom :-

From the video you see how much audience like this film. Kabir Khan said "I'm specially say to thanks my film Manager to such great control on the shooting area".

Phantom World wide Collection | Phantom Business Report

Saif said "so man times we need help to police because of such large rush of fan's". Katrina kaif also aid "I'm very happy to see large number of admirer watch shooting from terrace, may be 100 people on each terrace".

So 'Phantom' picture is so popular & talk of the town after releasing the trailer, we hope film get success on the Total Box Office Collection Of 'Phantom'.

From such huge response we assume that Phantom made 150-180cr* on the Box Office easily, it's only Assume amount film is not released yet. 

More info stay in touch, don't forget to see Phantom First {1st}, 2nd [Saturday] Day Box Office Collection 

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Shooting in Beirut Of Phantom Movie | True Bullet's Are Fired In Phantom Film Making

Shooting in Beirut Of Phantom Movie | True Bullet's Are Fired In Phantom Film Making

Shooting in Beirut Of Phantom Movie | True Bullet's Are Fired In Phantom Film Making

The "Phantom" picture make in different and special places of world, the shooting of movie is completed in 90 Day's. Some part of film is made in Beirut, and here in this post we are talking about how Kabir Khan shoot his movie in Beirut. We all know Kabir Khan is one of the fantastic director of Bollywood, who can forget his recently successful picture Bajrangi-Bhaijaan. In 'Phantom' film is make according to situation to the requirement of movie according to Fiction stories.
Shooting in Beirut Of Phantom Movie | True Bullet's Are Fired In Phantom Film Making

In 'Phantom' picture so many difficulty occur during the shooting in Beirut, so many confusion are obtain with the localities & camera team. While they are shooting in Beirut, original Bullet's are fired by the local public because they all are happy. First Kabir Khan think it's fake Bullet's but when he know, for few minutes Kabir Khan & whole team in Shocked. But when they know the reason whole team is joyful but still they all nervous.
watch official video Beirut Shooting:-

So you see from the video, how much critical condition are occur during the making picture in Beirut. If shooting is such interesting so movie is fabulous this thing is sure.

Some of the part of video you see the broken house's and building's, which is broke during the war time. Beirut is something similar as Paris, so much beautiful places are there.

More such interesting news about 'Phantom' Picture stay in touch, follow on all social site which you like. Phantom Box Office Collection.
And don't forget to see First(1st) [Friday] {Opening}, 2nd, 3rd Day Box Office Collection of Phantom on our site. 

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Phantom Movie Shooting | Location Of Making Phantom

Phantom Movie Shooting | Location Of Making Phantom

'Phantom' movie is start making on October 2013, in Lebanon. Shooting also done in following beautiful palaces Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir, and Punjab. Filming also done in abroad countries like Canada, London, & UK.
In one scene of picture they want to show whole army camp around 400 militias, show they made such camp in that place. Local people feel it's real militias group set this camp, after that all confusion are clear from starting day.
Phantom Movie Shooting | Location Of Making Phantom
To make film fabulous Kabir Khan do amazing work, in selection of marvelous location to shoot. Kabir Khan try to make every scene so real and look original according to 'Phantom' picture. All the camera team done great job to taking nice shot, you all see this in trailer. Here we talking about the shooting of 'Phantom' Movie in Kashmir.
First you all watch this official video of shooting time :-

The shooing in Kashmir is starting during the end of January, in that time so many snowfall in Kashmir. Kabir Khan want so much snow in the scene that's why the shooting was arrange in that time period. Saif Ali Khan Said "When Kashmir covered up with snow, it's so beautiful more than Switzerland".
So many problems the whole 'Phantom' picture team face during the shooting in Kashmir in the snow. There are so much difficulty to walk in snow, Kabir Khan said "latterly people sinking up to the neck". From this you imagine how they shoot the scene in such difficult conditions.
Kabir Khan said "the team face so much ruff time to take whole working instruments take over the snow hill's". By the way the scenes are showing in movie is all marvelous, we hope movie is also beautiful & Make large amount on Box Office Collection Prediction Of 'Phantom' 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day, weekend, & worldwide business Report.
More info stay in touch, share with friends on all social sites.     

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Phantom Making | Reclaim Of Making Phantom film

Phantom Making | Reclaim Of Making Phantom film

From the 'Phantom' movie  trailer all the people know in this film so much action, drama & and stunt's are performed by the lead role actor's Saif & Katrina. Now in this post we are talking about the making of 'Phantom' picture, how the movie built, how they get best shot to shoot in camera for the picture. For your information we are further told you that 'Phantom' movie is made on different and tuff location like Jammu & Kashmir, London, UK & Canada. As per the trailer you see the fabulous stunt & firing, here we shoe how they make this in real.

Saif Ali Khan & Katrina is lot's of hard work for the film, the picture is made in so tuff location's and in so much sensitive area like Russia. Soma part of the shooting is take during the war running in Russia, Said Ali Khan said "I'm hearing the noise of bomb & see the broken house. But Russian government provide so much safety to all team".
Here is the video watch it:--

For 'Phantom' picture Saif & Katrina done lot's of hard work, so much fitness is required to action scene. Large number of time's both actor's are injured during the making film, but they give amazing effort. This picture is so important for Said as well as for Katrina, so let see how much this film give them success.
More knowledge stay in touch and visit also for Box Office Collection Prediction Of 'Phantom'.  

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Katrina Kaif As Nawaz Mistry In Phantom Movie | Katrina Kaif Bio About Phantom Film

Katrina Kaif As Nawaz Mistry In Phantom Movie | Katrina Kaif Bio About Phantom Film

Katrina Kaif is the most talented Actress in Bollywood industries, she is also model of London Fashion Week. Katrina Kaif played all type role in Bollywood but her upcoming film 'Phantom' starting with Saif Ali Khan is so different for Kat. In 'Phantom' film Katrina Played role as "Nawaz Mistry", who thing with the American Security Agency. In this role Katrina look's different, because in this picture she played action role and show amazing moves in film.
Katrina Kaif As Nawaz Mistry In Phantom Movie | Katrina Kaif Bio About Phantom Film

Kabir Khan who is the director of 'Phantom' movie, he said Katrina's character is different from the book. Kabir asked Nawaz character is very special, the experience come from the documentary film which he has made and traveled in various zone's. From the trailer you all see the amazing work done by Katrina so here is the official video of Katrina's work watch it:- 

Karina Kaif said "First tome I play such different kind of role, and I'm doing lot's of hard work for this character. I'm play he part as a security adviser, who kind of work with lot's of NGO's. In tis movie Nawaz has so many passions, motives and her involvement is so important at this danger mission".

Mostly the stunt in 'Phantom' picture showed by Nawaz, which is done by Katina who played Nawaz role. Many time's Katrina get injuries and swelling's due to accident's on the set, but still she performed by her self.
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